Single Review: Don’t Understand by Untold Poet

With the current world situation and the way we are all living, it’s not suprising that a lot of us will have a few things that we need to rant about, and get off our chests. BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week 2020 artist, Untold Poet is one of them, and through his music, has clearly expressed his thoughts in his latest release aptly titled Don’t Understand.

Don’t Understand cover art

Set against the backdrop of some very chilled out piano vibes, Untold Poet expresses his thoughts on how he doesn’t understand the way society works these days, the hunger and poverty and the myriad of paradoxes we all live in.

Don’t Understand is a very neat track with strong vocal rap style and calming piano that make it easy to listen to and not aggressive at all, despite the pent up anger you can hear in his voice.

It is definitely a relatable track and many of it’s listeners will resonate with the strong points that have been mentioned. Music is a powerful language and when used correctly like this, it can be a form of expression that can touch anybody. Unlike his last release Have You Heard It, Don’t Understand is definitely a more progressive track that reflects the current state of society.

You can listen to the track below and share your thoughts about it, by leaving a comment.

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