Saving Cathren are back with their second single The Edge out now

Saving Cathren,  Oxfordshire Band, has been hard at work, rehearsing online and writing, with gigs already lined up for the Summer, eagerly awaiting release from lockdown, they have just released their second single “The Edge”.

Lead singer and co-producer Cathren writes: “When Paul first came to me with the song, The Edge, I could instantly feel the weight behind the powerful hook, Over and Over the Edge We Go.  I fell in love right away and started production.  Now some months later, and many hours of online collaboration, I am so proud to be a part of what I feel will be a timeless classic in our growing repertoire of jewels”

Since lockdown started the song ideas just kept coming and the duo teases, “Many more songs lined up!” They have performed a wide variety of covers at many local festivals and music venues and with a growing collection of original songs, we can’t wait to hear them again live. Cathren’s unique take on the vocals, singing some bits in reverse, and Paul’s masterful writing skills make for a truly unique song with a very powerful message.

Paul Wilson, who is the main writer of this song, explained “Initially the concept of the Edge was just a chorus. The words, “over and over the Edge we go” came into my mind one evening.  Some time passed, and I was watching the news in particular George Floyd’s death and the triggering of the black lives matter #blm protests in the USA. This inspired the first verse of the song. The line “it could be you under that cop’s knee”, refers to those who think his death was justified. “The air you breathe will make you choke and cry”, the tear-gasing of protesters. Sometime after, the second verse grew out of the constant denial of climate change by the Trump administration. The line, “We won’t let you fall” refers to how we can’t afford for the #usa to descend into the abyss, over the edge, from which there is no return.

The Edge is available now,  worldwide on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music TIDAL and more. Watch the music video here:


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