Single Review: Saving Cathren’s The Edge

I recently shared a press release from the Oxford based band Saving Cathren. The band comprises of duo Cathren and Paul who write songs together. Their most recent release is their song called The Edge.

As someone who loves listening to songs that have a message, I particularly liked the fact that The Edge has been inspired by the monumental event of last year, the pandemic, the death of George Floyd and the subsequent BLM revival. A lot of these events can be said to have pushed society to the Edge and this has been reflected so well in the lyrics and concept of the song.

Cathren fully expresses her emotions in her vocals, and this compliments the music so well. I was also pleasantly surprised that the song is actually 5.30 minutes when these days, most songs are barely 2-3 minutes long!

If you enjoy listening to music that questions society and brings a message with it, then The Edge is a must listen for you!

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