Dino Brewster to release his debut EP Just Another Guy on 27th May

String Factory is a one-man guitar band, run by Bristol-based singer-songwriter Dino Brewster. He writes quick-moving songs with a distinct British flavour, underneath an Ian Broudie-like voice and a conversational delivery. The lyrics are pithy and candid, full of unexpected details. Dino produces for a modern, densely arranged sound, borrowing from ’80s New Wave and ’90s Britpop – crediting The Cars, Supertramp, and Manic Street Preachers among his musical influences. He is currently gearing up for his first launch cycle, with his debut EP Just Another Guy due later this month, and an album recorded to follow.

Dino Brewster

Dino moved to Bristol from Hampshire several years ago, to study for a degree in Music Technology. He assisted with production on several records for other artists, alongside writing and recording his own music, and his full time job as a chef. Meeting in Bristol’s nightlife, he became the bass player for Bristol punk band The Proxy Youth, honing their sound with his instrumental skill and multi-faceted production approach. Their 2021 debut single ‘New Generation’ has been featured on stations such as BBC Radio Bristol, Planet Rock, and many others.

The EP Just Another Guy (consisting of the title track, two B-sides and an acoustic song), is slated to release for purchase and streaming on May 27th. The song is an acerbic and fast- paced take on the self-reinforcing spiral between loneliness and low self-worth. The accompanying video is a DIY labour of love. It depicts a person’s experiences revisiting their hometown, after having been away for many years, following personal tragedy. This was put together by Dino and a small informal team over several months. The video is set to premiere on May 26th at Bluescreen, a local short film festival run by The Cube Microplex. The EP will be followed by another which is already recorded and planned for release later in the summer.

The upcoming debut album, Going South, covers themes such as unemployment, failed relationships, paranoia, and nostalgia. It follows the shaggy dog story of an observational young man leaving the mines for the metropolis. The album was written during a time of personal and countrywide upheaval, and was re-recorded in its entirety across 2020.

Reviews for New Generation

“How massive was that?” – Mouse, presenter for Bristol Music Show, BCfm 93.2

“I can’t imagine hearing it in any other environment than a sweaty, close-quarters venue where you can really get up in other people’s faces…” – Matt Banks from We Are Parkas, Saturday Morning Live, Bath Radio.

“Huge sound, isn’t it, from The Proxy Youth. Those guys are gonna be big…” – Adam Crowther, presenter for Upload, BBC Radio Bristol.

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