Single review: Cityscapes by Josiah Mortimer

Singer-songwriter Josiah Mortimer is about to release his debut EP called Shimmer. The 9 track album, has been created entirely by Josiah, and all proceeds from Shimmer will go to the charity Global Justice Now which is campaigning for greater global access to Covid vaccines.

The entire album of Shimmer has been composed during lockdown. I first heard about Josiah when he released his previous EP This Town, and after enjoying his music, I knew that he was an artist to keep on my watch list!

I am delighted to share my review of the track Cityscapes which is track number two, on Shimmer.

Cityscapes is a lovely, uplifting, almost whimsical melody that is a tribute to living in a city. The song talks about building and adjusting to city life, while taking in the scenery. Settling down in a big city can be quite a daunting process and Josiah has captured these feelings very well. His voice flows throughout and you can tell the song has been written from the heart. Musically, the song maintains a good pace throughout and has some wonderful vocal harmonies towards the end.

Anyone who has moved to a city will not able to relate to this song and it is definitely a fine tribute for London. If you enjoy listening to a positive, acoustic guitar based melody then I highly recommend listening to Cityscapes by Josiah Mortimer.

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