Single Review: The Ballad of Life and Death by Feralman

I always enjoy sharing the work of new artists that I discover through the blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the artist Feralman and so I am reviewing his latest single The Ballad of Life and Death.

The Ballad is Life and Death talks about a man who has lost his way and is saved by a saviour who rescues him literally from the edge death. The song has a very folk-like feel to it which works well against its somewhat dark lyrics. Feralman’s vocals blend seemingly with the music which seems to be an arrangement of flute, violin and acoustic guitar. There is a double layer of vocals and this enhances the track. A short but bittersweet song, The Ballad of Life and Death is one of those songs that conveys a story and keeps you thinking about it, even after you have heard it.

Watch the music video for The Ballad of Life and Death:

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