Bradley Jago releases new single Distractions

Pop singer-songwriter Bradley Jago released his latest single Distractions on Wednesday 17th November via Roots Below Inc.

Drawing influence from the likes of Tom Misch and Bruno Mars, Distractions follows Jago’s May 2021 single Rain, also released via Roots Below Inc. While that track focused on leaning into your emotions, this time Jago adopts a different approach, exploring efforts to avoid pain, to find distractions from our own minds.

Distractions cover art

Jago says: “Distractions is about a situation I feel like we’ve all been in, where you want as many distractions and stimulants as you can get because the person you’re involved with is messing with your head. I always find myself going from my “phone to the tv” in order to not think about what they’re going to respond to my risky text. It’s also about my anxiety, and inability to stop self-criticising when it comes to love and building romantic relationships.”

About Bradley Jago
Bradley Jago is a pop singer-songwriter currently based in London. His most recent single, Rain, placed Number 1 in the Express FM Local Music Chart for two weeks running in July 2021 and saw him land a slot at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth in August. With more music coming in early 2022, the best is very much yet to come.


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