Pete Kennaway releases his seventh single Soul Mate

Now on his seventh, solo release, on Friday 26th November, former Apple Scruff, Pete Kennaway brings us Soul Mate.

Soul Mate cover art

Marc Bean (Pete’s former manager) shares his thoughts about the song:

“In what first seems to be an obvious dive into someone’s mental health scenario, it quickly turns into so much more. Since re-joining the music scene, Pete has unapologetically written autobiographically. He once said to me, “ Nah you never put my songs on at a party mate, unless it’s 6am and want people out.” And although this song seems to be sung in second person narrative, my suspicions say that he is singing to himself here…himself being the second person. Clever? You decide. In familiar story telling mode , Pete leads us on a journey through his own little Crime and Punishment exposé, holding nothing back in terms of where he feels he’s been and where he now may be at. The song denotes guilt , anger , courage, hope and even a bit of comedy, all sung through a strained Glasgow accent and a dreamy guitar arrangement. This song like all his others has been produced by James Grant at Sweet Wave Audio, studio in Glasgow.”

A must listen for anyone who has been a fan of Pete’s solo stuff these last three and a half years.

Soul Mate is available on all major streaming platforms from Friday.

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