Get To Know: Lucky Iris band!

I am always grateful for the artists that choose to share their music here at the blog, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce this duo at the blog, who are none other than Lucky Iris! Lucky Iris comprises of vocalist Maeve and multi-instrumentalist Jasper. Together, they have created an alt-pop sound which reflects unique situations like their latest single Speak Soon. Read on to learn more about the duo and their music style!

Maeve & Jasper

How did the Lucky Iris band come together?

We’ve known each other since school!! We were actually in the school choir together… Anyway, we both moved up to Leeds for university and were in various bands together over a period of a few years. However, one day we turned to each other and were like, right, we write a lot of music together, we love to perform together, why have we never properly gone forward as a duo? Around this time (the winter of 2019) we got offered the chance to record at the beautiful Tall Pine Records, in northern Poland and we booked our £16 flights and off we went!! Whilst out there we wrote and recorded our self-released EP ‘Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home’. From there we were lucky enough to get funding support from Launchpad artists support (part of the non-profit Music:Leeds), who helped us get to where we are now!

Your latest release Speak Soon is an alt-pop song, based on a unique subject. Was there are particular experience behind the writing of the song?

This last year has given us, like most people, a lot of time to evaluate our lives… including our various relationships. Now I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, I’m talking about platonic relationships too. And what the song is about more specifically, is that feeling of someone not approving of the person you’ve become, someone who reminisces the person you were. Except that isn’t useful for anyone. So instead of giving your energy to that relationship turned toxic, you decide to make it clear to them that you’re going to end this relationship in the name of ‘self-care’.

Your first single Coffee Shop was featured on BBC 6 Music Mixtape. How did it feel to be recognised by such an important music platform?

It was so exciting for us… We really wanted to gain some national airplay with Coffee Shop and the fact that we managed to do just that, made us feel as though our hard work had paid off. And I mean, Tom Robinson, what an absolute legend, we were honestly over the moon and hearing him read out our names as we tuned in was very special. Hopefully lots more of that in these future!!

Maeve, your vocals remind me of Lily Allen. Who are your musical influences?

Wow, thank you!! I love Lily!! She defiantly is an inspiration; I’ve listened to her music for years! But my inspirations come from everywhere haha. I grew up listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison courtesy of my parents and I listened to a lot of indie rock, from the Killers, to the Calling, I thought I was too cool. But I also just adored pop music, I think I loved it so much because it was the main genre to really showcased women speaking their minds (Lily being one of them). I loved Avril and I love even more that she’s releasing more music now! But currently, I’m loving, Celeste, Olivia Dean, Mae Muller, Griff and all the fresh and soulful pop music I can get.

Jasper, as a multi-instrumentalist, which is your favourite instrument (if you can pick one!)

If it’s okay, I’ll answer this question in two parts… My favourite instrument to play, is the drums. I started out as a drummer and the love hasn’t faded, but most of our drums are programmed in now, so it doesn’t make too much sense me playing drums for Lucky Iris. But, my “all time” favourite instrument is the piano. I just think it’s such a versatile instrument, it can create an accompanying part, be part of a large collective and of course it will always sound beautiful alone. And I love all the extensions of the piano family, you know, keys, synths, it’s endless! But to be honest my new favourite instrument is the laptop!!

A lot of musicians and artists suffered during the year that was 2020. How was the experience for you both and have you learnt any positive lessons from it?

2020 was a weird year for us, it simultaneously gave us so much time, and no time at all… We spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of music we wanted to put out into the world, as well as writing a ton of music. But as much time as it gave us, there’s nothing quite like being able to be back out in society, forging new memories and new experiences. That said, we did decide that music was something that even on the worst days did bring us a lot of joy. And for that reason we’ve really put all of our energy into Lucky Iris, because that’s one thing that really kept us going throughout the year.

When can we expect a new album?

Well, you may have to wait a while longer for our album… however, we are putting together an EP because we have lots of music to share with you all. We. Can’t. Wait.

What are your upcoming plans for your future projects?

We have lots of new music set to be released in the new year, from singles to the EP!! And then we also have our first ever tour in Febuary!! We have so much to give, we’re honestly so excited. So if you want to keep up with our movements, you can find us everywhere on social media under @luckyirisband and just remember the name Lucky Iris.

Thank you both so much for your time and for letting us learn more about you! Can’t wait to hear your future releases. You can follow Lucky Iris band on all the usual social media platforms, and stay tuned to the blog for more updates!

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