Cannons let Loose in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion!

Last Friday night, the Loose Cannons troubadour Singing group based in Hove, received a last-minute call-out to sing carols at the prestigious Royal Pavilion Christmas Banquet for 90 people, when the choir that had been booked developed Covid and had to pull out.

The Loose Cannons

The Loose Cannons raise funds for Brighton & Hove Soiree Rotary Club’s local charities supporting the vulnerable at Christmas, and they were overjoyed to step in to sing carols in their own inimitable way, their informal and lively performance achieving a standing ovation from the black-tie audience.

The Cannons then went hot-foot to their next venue, Hove Place pub in First Avenue, bringing more fun and laughter and jingling bells to the customers – there was dancing and people joining in with their favourite Christmas songs and for a short while, all the troubles of the last 22 months faded away, everyone overjoyed to be happy again!

Loose Cannon Gloria said, ‘We were thrilled to sing in the splendid surroundings of King George IV’s music room and felt our energy enhanced by its exotic decoration – the perfect Christmas venue, but equally excited by the reception we got from the customers at Hove Place – two very different venues, but the people all showing a similar exuberance to have fun at last!’

CEO of Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust Hedley Swain said: ‘We are so grateful that the Loose Cannons were able to step in at the last minute and save the day. A big thank you to the whole team for their wonderful performance.’




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