Feralman releases new single Believe

Welsh/Australian Indie-Folk artist Feralman shares his captivating new single, Believe, out on all streaming platforms on 7th January. The track is the third single to be taken from his upcoming album Allegories (which means a collection of metaphors), set for release later this year.


Following a tragic loss in his family and also being diagnosed with a brain tumour, Feralman felt inspired to write a collection of songs that really hammered home the fragility and rollercoaster of life. Believe is about having the confidence and freedom to embrace life’ and to not listen to those who tell you that you can’t achieve all you want in life. Continuing that theme, his new album Allegories is about really getting a hold of your own life and decisions, driving positive actions for yourself and for those you love.

Naming Belle & Sebastian, Nick Drake and Fleet Foxes as some of his biggest inspirations, as well as drawing influence from the natural, emotional and spiritual world, Feralman incorporates elements of acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums, percussion and strings – crafting a truly mesmerising Indie-Folk sound, complemented by the soothing backing vocals of Nashville folk singer Rochelle Feldkamp.

The track was mixed and mastered by acclaimed producer Sefi Carmel who has worked with iconic musicians including Bowie, Bruno Mars and Massive Attack, as well as on film scores for directors such as Ridley Scott, John Woo and Chris Columbus. His influence was significant in achieving the track’s cinematic feel.

Speaking of the track, Feralman says, “With Believe, I wanted to write a track that was about self belief. Something that basically said, don’t worry about what other people say or think, the only thing that matters in terms of what you want to achieve, is that you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you can achieve pretty much whatever you want. When you make choices and decisions, do so positively rather than through fear of failure or of what others will think.”

Feralman’s debut album Chapters 35-43 was released last year and was an introspective album about big personal life events. On the new album Allegories, each track is told in the form of metaphorical stories. The album is much more externally focussed, with a bigger, more epic sound thanks to the additional orchestral components. Feralman hopes that this new album will project positivity to those who listen to it.

Following the birth of his daughter in January 2020, Feralman began singing and playing to her regularly. It was then he realised that a new collection of songs had organically formed and he made the decision to share his music with the world, prompting the release of his debut single When All Is Almost Lost in November 2020.


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