Single Review: Believe by Feralman

I am happy to be sharing my first single review of 2022, which is for the latest release from Feralman. His song called Believe is his first release of this year. I have previously reviewed his singles Let It Heal You and The Ballad of Life and Death, and now Believe. We all need to kick-start our new year with a positive mindset and Believe is the kind of song that will help us do just that.


Not only is it so dreamy to the ear, but the song talks about shaking off the way we doubt ourselves because of other people’s opinions “Not something they can see, They don’t see, Don’t doubt just be, They don’t see, Don’t doubt believe“.

The song has both female (wonderful vocals from Nashville folk singer Rochelle Feldkamp) and male (Feralman) vocals, and both sing the lyrics together, making it a different kind of duet. This style of vocals isn’t very common in the current music scene but works really well with the arrangement and gives the song a special touch. Without a doubt, Believe is one my favourite songs of 2022.


Believe will feature on Feralman’s forthcoming album Allegories, an album that I am very much looking forward on listening to! Stay tuned to the blog for all future updates. Listen to Believe below and feel inspired:

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