Italian band Lebenswelt release their sixth album Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words is Lebenswelt 6th long release. The follow-up to Metaphysics of Entropy (2018) has been released (January 15) via Under My Bed Recordings and OuZeL Recordings.

Unspoken Words cover art

Coherently developing the distinctive melancholic slowcore sound, made of floating screwdrivers-prepared guitars layering over minimal loops, towards an increasingly upgraded songwriting dimension, the album is enhanced by Pall Jenkins musical saw and vocals, Richard Vincent Adams basslines, Andrew Richards vocals, as well as the additional contributions by Antonella Amenduni, Alessandro Calzavara (Humpty Dumpty), Mauro Costagli (Monêtre, Lo-fi Sucks!), Luca Galuppini (ONQ), Giovanni Mastrangelo (Dana Plato, Favonio, Charmin’ Elf), Stephano Stephanowic (My Dear Killer), Valerio Sartori, Pier Giorgio Storti (Belaqua Shua, Morose), Alessandro Zangani (Monêtre, Lua).


Therefore, Unspoken Words marks the ultimate transition from an originally meant one-man-project to an actual collective, featuring Lebenswelt’s longtime friends and favourite artists, together here for the very first time.


1. A Short History of Decay. Part 1
2. Keep on Dancing
3. That Day
4. Somehow
5. Gone
6. Come Back Again
7. Shade of The Water
8. Crawling
9. Unspoken Words
10. A Short History of Decay. Part 2

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