Single Review: These Are the Days by String Factory

My second single review of 2022, is the latest release from Bristol’s String Factory, These Are the Days.

String Factory is a concept executed by singer-songwriter Dino Brewster. I recently interviewed Dino, and it is clear that he is extremely passionate about the music he creates and this is noticeable in the single These Are the Days.

These Are the Days cover art

These Are the Days is an upbeat, peppy track, and one that stays with you after listening to it. To me, it is reminiscent of 90’s Brit pop sound (notably Blur/Parklife), as it does have an anthem like feel and will also be easily relatable to many. String Factory describe the track as conversational lyrics discuss the world of networking, and the never ending quest for self- promotion, that is prevalent in today’s times and I couldn’t agree more.

The song has mature, clear, emotive vocals from Dino. It has a unique kind of arrangement, ending with an electronic piano outro that repeats and fades. The song is also a decent length at just over five minutes.

If you are a fan of 90’s and current Brit Pop music, I highly recommend listening to this track from String Factory, as you won’t be disappointed!

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