Feralman releases new single Golden Canary

Welsh/Australian artist Feralman releases new single Golden Canary is the genre-crossing alt-folk artist that has online publications and curators’ ears pricked. His next single Golden Canary is out now on all streaming platforms.

Genre: Alt-folk, Indie Folk, Cinematic Indie Folk

For Fans Of: Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, Bon Iver & Novo Amor

About Golden Canary

Golden Canary artwork

Golden Canary provides a narrative for the consequences that surface when you don’t act upon your dreams. Utilising a canary as a metaphor for the people who shout about what they want but fail to follow through, the song nods to the rich mining heritage of his home, South Wales.

Speaking about his favourite part of the track, Feralman refers to the miners’ bravery and hard work: “I really like the chanting section in the middle of the song on the full length album version. That is supposed to reflect the toil of the miners.”

About Feralman

“Feralman gives life to love and love to originality in a way that only an earnest troubadour can provide – this is music at its core”

“If you enjoy listening to music that has meaning, then you will definitely enjoy Feralman’s music, listen and Let It Heal You”

Welsh/Australian Feralman has always had a passion for music and the arts, drawing influence from the natural, emotional and spiritual world.

Following the birth of his daughter in January 2020, Feralman began to sing and play to her regularly, building up a new collection of songs that prompted him to reveal his artistry to the world. Since the release of his debut single When All It Almost Lost in November 2020, Feralman is rapidly becoming an artist to watch, forging a new expansive, cinematic sub-genre within indie folk in collaboration with award-winning Sefi Carmel.

Listen to Feralman on the following platforms Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music | YouTube

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