Single Review: Golden Canary by Feralman

I always enjoy new releases from Feralman, as I feel I have truly connected with his music. I’m pleased to be sharing my review of his latest release, which is the dreamy Golden Canary.

Golden Canary artwork

Golden Canary is a metaphor used to describe the kind of people who wish to ” their dreams, but never actually work towards them. They take the easy way out instead “…You’ll never be as free as the Eagle flies…” One of the main reasons I enjoy listening to Feralman’s music, is that he chooses themes and subjects that we can all relate to, yet are also unique, as there aren’t many songs written on these particular subjects.

This new release opens with a slow, haunting melody that is carried by an acoustic guitar which runs throughout the track. Feralman’s calm, soothing vocals open and take you to another world as you get lost in the melody and the song has some wonderful harmonies. The original song is a little over 7 minutes, thanks to a soothing guitar interlude, that plays the main melody of the song. The radio edit is almost 4 minutes long and I am grateful that the beautiful intro hasn’t been shortened.

If you have enjoyed the previous releases from Feralman (all of which have been shared at the blog), such as Let It Heal You and The Ballad of Life and Death, you will most certainly enjoy Golden Canary which will also leave you with something to think about. Enjoy the music video below:

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