Singer Songwriter Sarah Louise to release her single My Beating Heart

Sarah Louise is an artist and singer-songwriter from Essex whose aim is to write and perform music that her audience can relate to, providing comfort, fun, happiness and joy! With a melodic, soft-toned, soulful and folky voice, creating music that represents her love for country music – meaningful lyrics, delicate harmonies and memorable melodies.

Sarah Louise was most recently a finalist at The BCMA awards in the category of British Country Female Vocalist of the Year, and has been nominated for the forthcoming UK Country Music Awards Album and Artist of the Year, in addition to the Gary Perkins Award for her charity song “Fly Free Little One” for Sands Baby Loss Charity.

‘My Beating Heart’ was written by Sarah Louise and addresses “The unexplainable emotions you feel about someone that makes your heart skip a beat”. Sarah didn’t intend to release the song so quickly, however playing it to a few good friends, the feedback and relatability of the song made it obvious that this was one to be shared.

Her music producer Mark Wickenden (Sonic Boom) was so impressed that he offered to record the track as a gift, realising that she had worked so hard on the track, saying “you have finally used country chords and this sounds amazing”.

“Sarah you have never sang a song with so much passion, get it recorded”

“Beautiful song so heartfelt”

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