Exclusive Preview of Feralman’s next release Memories Remain

Memories Remain is the latest release from Feralman. The track follows the success of Golden Canary, The Ballad of Life and Death, Let It Heal You and Believe, which can all be found from his highly anticipated album Allegories, releasing in September.

Memories Remain cover art

If you are listening to Feralman’s music for the first time, you will notice that all of his songs are meaningful and have wonderful, melodic arrangements (both in music and voice) and Memories Remain is no different.

Memories Remain talks about remembering a loved one who has passed on. Music is always the best way to express our feelings and it is touching to listen to a song that features such a sensitive subject. The song begins with a few bars of acoustic guitar, before we hear the vocals.

The vocals are almost choral like, layered and this adds to the haunting melody of the track. It is a soothing and uplifting melody thanks to Feralman’s sublime vocals and the simple yet impactful arrangement.

If you enjoy listening to music with meaning, then be sure to check out this track which releases on 15th July and previous releases from Feralman!

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