Single Review: Looks Country To Me by Luke Flear

When I think about country music, I immediately think about Nashville, but after being introduced to UK artist Luke Flear, I might be inclined to think again! Especially after listening to his track Looks Country to me. Luke Flear is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing as a solo artist since the age of 15.

Taken from Luke’s album of the same name, Looks Country to me, is Luke’s first foray into Country music. The song is most definitely a quintessential country track that captures the true essence of country music. At 4 minutes 10 seconds in length, Luke’s strong, gravel like vocals capture your attention straight away against the steady pace of the arrangement which is a mixture of electric guitar and Banjo which add massively to the country vibes.

The lyrics seem to be reminiscent of childhood memories and the realisation that Luke is drawn to country music. The electric guitar interlude adds a contemporary touch with the overall arrangement. Luke has played equal emphasis on the music and story telling of the lyrics in the track which will why it will leave a lasting impression on you.

I highly recommend listening to the track and not missing out of a UK country scene!

Listen to Looks Country to me by Luke Flear below:

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