Nashville songstress FAINN releases dreamy new pop ballad

FAÏNN may be a relatively new name on the UK music scene, but she has been making waves in Nashville for quite some time, both as a renowned vocal coach, songwriter and artist. Inspired by the power of the voice and the art of storytelling through song, she cites artists like Dido, Léon and Lana Del Ray amongst her influences, and writes powerful indie-pop tunes with spacy productions and a real cinematic feel.

Originally from a small town an hour outside Music City, she grew up in a music-loving household listening to acts like Elton John, Billy Joel, and Queen, as well as powerhouse vocalists like Celine Dion and Judy Garland.

She began her artist journey releasing cover versions of great songs from the 80’s and 90’s, including Never Gonna Give You Up, The Final Countdown, and Call Me before dropping her debut original single I Lied in April of 2022. The release picked up early support on Spotify and in the press and paved the way for brand new single ‘Sometimes’ which she will release next month.

Sometimes, a collaboration with Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer Femke (Belle Mt, Kane Miller, Dancing On Tables) is a dreamy pop ballad with beautiful piano riffs and spacy synth sounds where Faïnn’s polished vocal strikes the perfect balance between power and beauty. It is a song that promotes self-care, positivity and hope, without being overbearing.

“I’ve always loved songs that connect lyrically on a deep emotional level. When I listen to music, I want to feel something. It’s like therapy for me in so many ways. So many songs have helped me process some really difficult seasons in life, and I hope my music can do that for other people.”

Sometimes will pave the way for Faïnn’s debut EP, due for release in early 2023.

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