Single Review: Rent Free by Mikki Evans

We often catch ourselves thinking about someone that has hurt us; and we forget that we are only thinking about them, because we are allowing ourselves to. This is the story behind the latest release from UK Country singer and songwriter Mikki Evans.


Mikki Evans is a UK Country Music singer and songwriter and she is about to release the empowering Country pop anthem, Rent Free. The song opens with a pulsating beat and Mikki’s wonderful lower octave vocals, that begin to explain that she is finally ready to let go of a relationship. The song then bursts into an upbeat, anthem style chorus, and we get to hear the full style of Mikki’s vocals. I personally think this song is Country meeting pop music, it also covers elements of going through a break up, such as acceptance and the ability to move on.

I can tell that Mikki has a lot of depth in her vocals, and Rent Free gives us a glimpse of that. I personally enjoy listening to songs that give positive, mental health related messages, and Rent Free is definitely another one I can add to my playlist. You can listen to Rent Free by Mikki Evans here

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