Pop singer Nika Timos releases her debut EP Home

At the end of 2022, upcoming London based pop artist Nika Timos celebrated the release of her debut EP, soulfully titled Home. Completely eclectic, full of passion and contradictory feelings, caused by a difficult year, this EP described the stormy palette of ideas within the mind of the artist. Jumping from optimistic motives to slow tunes that touch the soul, Nika Timos keeps the listener’s attention in chains.

Home cover art

The 5-track EP opens with the song Don’t belong, welcomed by R&B elements of the noughties. Alluring and siren-like vocals momentarily obscure the real topic of the song. But this is the point: to show a beautiful strong woman that can’t be tamed. However her soothing voice and gentle breathing will make you want her even more.

Tear at my heart wakes you up from the sweet oblivion of the previous track. The unique sound of the 80’s such as the bright monopoly of synthesisers and snares with gated reverb takes us back in time, hitting some of us with a wave of nostalgia. Production of Tear at my heart reveals Nika’s diversity of knowledge in genres of different eras.

According to Nika Timos herself, Book is currently the most confessional and therefore painful song for her. Showing all the vulnerability of the human being, especially as an artist, the song will find its place in the hearts of many people. In collaboration with a rap artist Krash Williams, together they created a dialogue scene, touching the most secret fears and thoughts.

Like all the other tracks on this EP, Stupid decisions stands in its perfect place, designed to cheer you up after the heavy storytelling of Book. The track follows through a percussive beat influenced by electro. To make sure that you are fully relaxed Stupid decisions contains reggae “shimmering” guitar and the overall sound can be described as “breezy”. The lyrics are centred around reckless things that people are sometimes ready to do in the name of love.

Home is the emotional back-end of the project featuring London based artist Cazzy. The name of the EP repeats the name of this track, making it clear to the listeners what is most important for Nika Timos. It was inspired by Nika’s childhood, which was full of campfire songs, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It’s a touching attempt at an inspirational ballad as well as lyrical showcase.

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