Single Review: Tear at my Heart by Nika Timos

I am pleased to be sharing my review of the single Tear at my Heart by independent pop singer Nika Timos. The single features on her debut EP Home. I was first introduced to Nika’s music in 2021, and it was refreshing to hear from an independent pop artist. Nika’s music is fresh and vibrant but reflects pop music that we all love and know so well. Her voice really does remind me of a young Kylie Minogue and it beautifully carries the song.

Tear at my Heart is the second track of Nika’s debut EP. It opens with a very catchy intro, reminiscent of 80’s pop music. The track is about noticing the cracks of a relationship and accepting that it was going to break “I’m tired of hearing the word try…The day you sat down to tell me, All I wanted was the why”. We all love a good break up song and Tear at my Heart is another great addition of this genre. The track is very catchy and stands at a cool 3.57 mins. I am happy that songs seem to be increasing in length once again.

If you enjoy listening to independent pop singer songwriters, I highly recommend listening to Nika’s debut EP Home. You can find her debut EP Home on all the popular music platforms.

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