Get to Know: Mark Sharp and The Bicycle Thieves

As you all know, I have a strong passion for supporting Indie music. Along this journey, I have been introduced to some amazing talent from the Scottish Indie music scene. I am happy to share my first interview of 2023, is with a band that keep on getting better, Mark Sharp and The Bicycle Thieves! They have recently been chosen to support the immensely talented Lewis Capaldi on his upcoming European tour.

Mark Sharp and The Bicycle Thieves

I had a lovely catch up with frontman Mark Sharp who told me about their plans for the upcoming tour, the story behind their latest release Last Dance and much more!

Hi Mark, congratulations on being selected as a support act for Lewis Capaldi’s upcoming European tour! How does it feel to receive this incredible news?

Thank you so much! Yeah, it was unbelievable and totally out of the blue news to receive. Going on tour around Europe has been something we’ve always wanted to do but doing arenas supporting one of the biggest acts in the world at the moment is just going to be insane and we can’t thank Lewis enough for the opportunity.

What can fans expect to see from MS&TBT on tour?

It will be an energetic set from us as always for the people there and lots of content on socials for everyone back home. We wouldn’t be anywhere with them so will try our best to keep everyone updated and take them on the journey with us!

You have recently released the single Last Dance, I really enjoyed listening to it. Could you share with us the story behind the single?

Nice one, thank you! Yeah, it’s an upbeat dance along number that’s pretty much about proper living life together with someone and experiencing the highs and lows with each other.

How did MS&TBT come together and what is the story behind the name of the band as I haven’t met any Bicycle Thieves before 😆

It was originally something that started as a solo project but after realising the songs would require a band we began to put ‘The Bicycle Thieves’ together. Since forming it’s had different members up to this point so having the separate names allows us to do that as it’s a massive commitment being in a band and not everyone can always commit unfortunately but we’re sounding the best we’ve ever sounded with the group we have at the moment so long may that continue! Just to confirm though, we don’t steal bikes… (anymore)

For any listeners that are new to your music, can you describe your overall sound and share your journey so far?

I never know how to describe our sound as we always like to be creative and mix it up with each release but we’re very much a band for everyone. We try our best to get people dancing and have everyone connect with the lyrics. It’s important to us that we make the listener feel something. So far we’ve sold out every show we’ve headlined in Scotland and England and we’re looking to reach a wider audience outside the uk so hopefully we can connect with these audiences around Europe on this upcoming tour.

What are you most looking forward to from your upcoming tour?

We’re looking forward to visiting these amazing countries and cities and letting people hear our music, people that might have never heard us if it wasn’t for this so that will be nice and just touring about Europe with your mates supporting your mates is special in itself so we absolutely cannot wait.

Which artists are your/the bands musical influences?

There’s a lot of different influences throughout the band and it changes all the time to be honest but we just love all types of music and try to incorporate lots of new and different sounds into each track.

Any details of forthcoming material?

Yeah, more tunes absolutely! We spent a large amount of last year in the studio working on new material so we plan to release new music constantly throughout the year.

Thanks so much Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves for your time and for sharing your journey so far with us. You can follow MS&TBT on all the popular social sites platforms. Stay tuned to the blog for more news on MS&TBT!

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