Get to Know: Singer-songwriter Thomas Kavanagh

We’re in the month of love, and what better timing than to share my next interview with country music singer-songwriter Thomas Kavanagh! I recently had a chat with Thomas, as he released his new single Who Am I Gonna Love, which is a romantic duet with singer Kirstie Kraus. Read on to learn more about Thomas and his music background, the new single and much more!

Thomas Kavanagh

Please share with us your musical journey so far.

I’ve been in the music industry for over 20 years now playing in several bands since 16. This lead me to be the lead singer of a top 40 rock band in the UK called ‘ I Divide’ for the best part of 10 years. When the band broke up, I worked the past 5 years focusing on my solo career. Which has given me great success and the opportunity to be on Sky, Apple Music Country Radio, BBC, and Amazon Prime. Over the course of the pandemic, I taught myself how to produce & mix music in my home studio. I’ve also learned to do photography and graphic design. So everything you see on my social media is done by myself. I don’t do it in a way of arrogance, it’s just I enjoy doing it and can help other artists along the way. Plus being a solo artist, financial situations aren’t as strong as when it was split 5 ways between the band.

You have recently released the single Who Am I Going to Love. Please tell us more about the single and the concept behind it.

The song was written by myself and co-writer Krystal King (USA) this was our first writing together in person. Which was held in Nashville under a tree back in 2022. This song comes from a place in my heart where I seek to love, asking the questions of who I am I gonna love. What are they going to be like, you know all the exciting things that come when sharing your life with someone. We then recorded a work tape of the song on the back of Krystal’s car outside the famous listening room cafe in Nashville after Krystal’s performance there. Krystal had then sent the work tape to her best friend/touring partner Kirstie Kraus (Who originally placed me and Krystal to connect to write previously) With no hesitation Kirstie jumped to the idea of making this song a duet, which really made that song on another level. We all agreed that would put the icing on the cake. So Kirstie and I discussed the vocal idea arrangments and I had then taken the work tape back to my home studio in the UK. Due to the time difference, there were many long hours into the night, perfecting the production and vocal changes, but these things are totally worth it in the long run. Kirstie had recorded her vocals in Nashville with producer Tyler Spice on his visit from the UK.

Your new single is a duet with singer Kirstie Kraus. How did you both meet and how was the experience of recording the duet?

Kirstie and I met via a writer’s round on Youtube, one of the other co-writers (Annabel Lyle) I was working with was also in the round, I noticed that Kirstie was from Nash and I was looking to come out here to connect with other writers. So I reached out to her We did our first write over zoom and instantly connected. The experience was something I wasn’t used to as I said before, recording from different parts of the world. But in a weird way, I say to myself is probably what helped the song. As i come from a rock background Kirsitie’s input vocally and ideas helped pathed the way to making this song.

For those listeners who maybe new to your music, how would you describe your overall sound?

The overall sound I would say is Bryan Adams meets Charles Kelly (Lady A) I like to bring emotion into my music but also add that heart pumping rock energy to leave the audience wanting more.

What is the one thing that you love about country music?

I love the storytelling aspect if I’m honest It took a very long time to get out my emotion for love into a song as I felt I couldn’t really get that out of me,, after listening to more country over the years. This becomes apparent that it was okay to do this.

Who are your favourite music artists?

This is a very good question, for me I have several. Like before I would say, Bryan Adams, Dan, and Shay, Lady A Nickelback, Richard Marx.

Can you share any teasers of your forthcoming projects?

Right now I’m in the process of working on another single. Something I recently brought to a session was coming from Nashville and how it’s growing in my heart.

Thanks so much Thomas for the chat and for letting me know more about you and your music! You can follow Thomas on all the popular social media platforms. Stay tuned to Jem Girl at the Piano to discover more indie artists!

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