Caitlin Mae releases new single Seasons Change

Caitlin Mae’s latest single, Seasons Change, follows the success of her last release, Fiona, which debuted at number 1 in the singer/songwriter iTunes Charts, and was also crowned an A-List song by the BBC for two weeks running. With a launch party scheduled in Nashville to coincide with this release, Caitlin Mae’s Dreamers are highly anticipating her next EP.

The single, Seasons Change, by the same name as the EP, tells the story of a lost friendship, whilst the clever instrumentation and musicality reflects both youth and innocence, looking back on when the friendship first blossomed, before it later came to falter. Caitlin Mae’s vocal ability really lends itself to this vulnerable type of song, allowing her to take the listener on a journey she once found herself on. This feels like the natural next step to take after her previous single, Fiona, laid down the groundwork for this emotional offering.

Caitlin Mae quotes, Seasons Change was born of the realization that nothing ever stays the same, sands shift, tides turn, and we have to experience the lows every once and a while to truly appreciate the highs. Growing up, I thought of my best friend as my platonic soulmate, my ride of die, but that was never meant to be my story. I think we were always destined to be but a chapter in each other’s lives from the start.”

2023 has already kicked off with a bang, taking home the title of “Entertainer of the Year” at the Who’s Hoo Country Music Awards, and the coveted Social Star’s Spotlight Artist of the Year Award. Riding high on the success of her unexpected tour of Indiana, Caitlin Mae has much to look forward to, including her fourth Nashville tour, her last prior to moving there full-time this coming July, when she will begin studies at the prestigious Belmont University. With invitations to attend award shows in Holland, Texas, and Atlanta later this year, Caitlin Mae continues to forge a career path in the music industry.

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