Nashville-based songstress Faïnn releases new single Golden

Nashville-based songstress Faïnn, comes full circle to release new single, Golden. The trials of life are familiar to us all. Heartbreaks, career changes, coping with loss and finding oneself back where you started are part of life’s rich tapestry, but not everyone can say they came full circle. Someone who can is artist and vocal coach, Faïnn.

New track, Golden, serves as a thank you to her husband, a public acknowledgement of his support and unwavering love. The stresses of undergraduate life at a music school took their toll on the Golden singer, andalongside a minor vocal injury and subsequent lack of confidence, left her promising herself that she would never perform vocally again. As we all know, music can be both a healer and a crutch, and it was certainly something Faïnn used to continue her career, working in music behind the scenes both in the music industry and as an assistant professor of music at a university. A huge lack of trust in vocal coaches left her too nervous to try to return to her passion of singing herself and resulted in confusion and torment for Faïnn. It was this uncertainty which led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Vocal Pedagogy, so she could learn more about her own injury and train to be a vocal coach herself. This, along with her subsequent decision to leave the security of her role as a professor was fully supported by her husband, Jeremy, himself a professional drummer and musician.

With a whole lot of soul searching and confidence building, Faïnn decided she wanted to know more about the cause of her vocal injury and the subsequent speech and singing therapy she received, and retrained as a vocal coach herself. Now with a thriving private client list, she has returned to the same University to continue working with the students in her new role. She was finally diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia in late 2021, potentially the cause of the vocalinjury which affected her earlier singing career, and hasn’t looked back since!

“The scariest thing I have done is to walk away from my full time career teaching music, knowing how much it has both healed and broken me in the past. Singing has always been my passion, but after a complete loss of trust and confidence in my undergraduate years, I just didn’t know what my voice was. It was too painful both emotionally and physically to keep going. I thought that working in the industry behind the scenes would be enough for me but it turns out, it wasn’t! Golden is a single written as a thank you to my ever supportive husband, Jeremy, who is always there, he’s always got my back, and is behind me every step of the way. It sounds cheesy, but he’s just the nicest human being, and he is my world!”

With a flourishing career as a vocal coach, Faïnn met with a pivotal decision when she decided that she needed to sing professionally again. She didn’t want to end up as a bitter coach in ten years time, regretting not following her heart. Since making this decision, she has released three singles across 2022, and is planning a full EP to release later this year. Golden is the second song from the EP, following up from the successful release of Sometimes in 2022, and was written alongside good friend and colleague Julie Lavery.

“I had actually written the entire first verse and chorus in preparation for my write with Julie. We ended up keeping almost all of what I had written, and then we finished out verse two and the bridge together. I knew Julie was the perfect person to write this song with. She and her husband are great friends of ours, and she totally related to what I was trying to say.”

With close friend Femke Weidema having recorded the piano and overseen some of the production, the original plan was for the song to be almost acoustic. The valuable input from Spencer Broschard (who also happens to be Julie’s husband) to finish it out meant it took on a life of its own and developed into something much more a fitting tribute both to Jeremy, and as the stepping stone to something much bigger with the forthcoming EP.

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