Get to Know the artist MMIV!

I am happy to present my last interview of 2021, with an extremely new and upcoming artist. Infact, he is so new, that his debut single The Drugs Are Running Out releases this week. This is also the very first time that I am interviewing an artist who is at the very beginning of their solo music career, and it is an honour. Read on to learn more about upcoming MMIV!

MMIV – Max Rawdon

How did your journey into music begin and what inspired you to become a musician?

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Get To Know: Lucky Iris band!

I am always grateful for the artists that choose to share their music here at the blog, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce this duo at the blog, who are none other than Lucky Iris! Lucky Iris comprises of vocalist Maeve and multi-instrumentalist Jasper. Together, they have created an alt-pop sound which reflects unique situations like their latest single Speak Soon. Read on to learn more about the duo and their music style!

Maeve & Jasper

How did the Lucky Iris band come together?

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Get to Know: Feralman

It gives me great pleasure to share my fifth interview in the Get to Know series with an artist whose music I consider to be meaningful and unique. I believe that every artist has a story and that we get to understand their music a whole lot better once we hear it!

I most recently published about his forthcoming single The Ballad of Life and Death and reviewed his previous single Let It Heal You. Get to Know the artist that is Feralman and what inspires him to create music, how he survived a brain tumour scare and more!


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Get to Know: Scottish Indie band Wrest

As we start looking forward to things resuming to some sort of normality this year, a lot of musicians are naturally looking forward to getting back on the road and rebuild the connection they once had so frequently, with their fans. I am happy to share my second interview of 2021, with Scottish band, Wrest who are about to release their single Second Wind. Read on to learn all about the band!


Please share with us your journey into music and how Wrest came together as a band.

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Get to Know: singer-songwriter RXTH music

I am so pleased to share my third artist interview in my Get to Know series, and my very first interview of 2021, with Sussex (UK) based singer-songwriter Rxth!

Regular readers of my blog will have seen that I recently shared the press release for Rxth’s latest single Beauty in Spaces, which also has it’s own animated music video. Read on to get to know more about Rxth including her musical influences, mindfulness and so much more!


Please share with us your journey into music and how it all began for you.

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