Get to Know: UK Country Music singer-songwriter Sarah Louise

I recently had a chat with UK Country Music singer and songwriter Sarah Louise. She recently released her debut EP The Now and is gearing up to release her next single at the end and the month. We chatted about her debut EP, her forthcoming Half of You, and so much more. Read on to learn more about the talented songwriter.

Sarah Louise

Please share with us your musical journey.

I have been so blessed to have been writing songs all my life and only in recent years have I been publishing them and I feel very happy that I have 3 top 5 singles and one number 1 in a year it has made me want to write more and more.

Your latest release is Half of You, is a perfect love song for the season of love! Please share the story behind the single.

The story behind the single is that life is precious and no one should settle for anything of anyone less than butterflies because there is another half of someone out there for everyone.

You recently released your debut EP The Now, which has some great songs on there! Can you tell us the concept behind the EP?

I wanted to emphasise that everything we do in life is for now not the past and not the future and I think a lot of people lose sight of that and how much time we have left, the future is unknown and we should all be living our best lives in the now.

Your songs seem to be focused on the themes of love and family. How do you choose these themes or do they come to you organically?

I love my family and friends and without their support and my network of supporters I don’t see any reason to do this. I love creating songs about people I love and help to inspire others too and hopefully some people will be able to relate.

How would you describe your overall sound to brand new listeners?

Singer songwriter acoustic country and wearing my heart on my sleeve with the most emotive instruments and chords arrangements as possible with highs and lows.

Who are your favourite music artists/influences?

I have a huge love for so many artists … Whitney Houston was my favourite singer of all time, Shania Twain, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Luther Vandross, Dolly Parton, Lauren Alaina, Jo Dee Messina, The Chicks, Lady A, Alanis Morissette .. so so many more I could list.

Any teasers of your forthcoming projects?

I am so busy this year and will be releasing a covers acoustic album at Easter with a few duets and in the summer I hope to release a brand new 8 track album and I am on a songwriting retreat in Scotland in April and will be using my time to create in an inspirational space for my mind and soul.

Thanks so much Sarah Louise, for taking the time out to chat to Jem Girl at the Piano. You have follow Sarah Louise on all the popular social media platforms. Be sure to look out for her new single Half of You, releasing at least end of February.

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