Music Review: Singing to Strangers by Jack Savoretti

After a long time, have I come across an artist who is not only extremely talented, but is a thorough, serious, dedicated musician. This is especially rare to find in today’s day and age when nearly all artists are more about the fame than the music! I can only say that I truly wish he hadn’t been “hidden away” for so long (not mainstream enough), as I feel like I have truly missed out on listening to some great music. I immediately purchased his brand new album Singing to Strangers, on the same day of first listening to it (and this does not happen very often to me either!) I am of course, talking about British Singer and Songwriter Jack Savoretti.

I have been listening to Singing to Strangers on repeat mode for the entire last week, since purchasing via Amazon Music (which is so easy to do, especially if you have your own Amazon account) and I just knew that I had to review the album. I also managed to listen to Jack live on the radio twice during the week, where he performed stunning acoustic versions of Candlelight (BBC2 radio Piano room) I haven’t been this excited about an album since Emeli Sande’s Our Version of Events which released in 2012. To me, the sign of a good album is one where you like all of the tracks and don’t have to skip any, and, you can also listen to the album on a loop and discover something new with each listen and Singing to Strangers has definitely had that effect on me!

Singing to Strangers album cover

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ABRSM new piano syllabus 2019-2020 review

The new piano syllabus from ABRSM

Readers of my blog will be aware that I am a pianist and I have learnt up to Grade 7 with a Grade 6 in music theory. So when ABRSM contacted me to ask if I would like to review their new piano syllabus, I was more than happy to do so! My review is written from a students point of view. I will also be doing a brief comparison along the way, of my own ABRSM books, compared to the new syllabus and as I completed my Grade 7 in 2008, I am sure that a lot will have changed in the last 10 years.

For many piano students, learning to play the piano is often the first exposure of pure classical music. This can be quite daunting in itself, purely because classical music is not listened to on a regular basis. ABRSM always make the introduction to this genre of music, a relatively smooth one as with the support of piano lessons, the way classical music is structured becomes a lot clearer through each grade.

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Marcus Corbett: New single release and upcoming UK tour details

I am happy to bring some more news about the talented musician Marcus Corbett. Regular readers will be aware of Marcus’s ingenius work of fusing two music genres/sounds, which are also polar opposites: Indian classical music and western acoustic guitar. Marcus has recently released a new instrumental single called Barometer and he will also be on tour across the UK, later this month!

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Marcus Corbett: Loving Kind from the album Every Little Spirit

After introducing musician Marcus Corbett here at Girl at the Piano, I have decided to share another of his unique songs which is called Loving Kind taken from the album Every Little Spirit.

The song is of course, a fusion between western acoustic guitar and Indian classical music, and a Bharatnatyam dancer features in its video, thus bridging the gap between these two cultures. Marcus has managed to blend the sound of the acoustic guitar and tabla so very well in this particular track and his vocals give the song a very soothing and smooth vibe.

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Music Review: Jupiter Calling by The Corrs

Album: Jupiter Calling by The Corrs

Listen to the album at Spotify: Jupiter Calling


1) Son of Solomon
2) ‎Chasing Shadows
3) ‎Bulletproof Love
4) ‎Road to Eden
5) ‎Butter Flutter
6) ‎SOS
7) ‎Dear Life
8) ‎No Go Baby
9) ‎Hit My Ground Running
10) ‎Live Before I Die
11) ‎Season of our Love
12) ‎A Love Divine
13) ‎The Sun and the Moon

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