Concert Review: Jack Savoretti Singing to Strangers tour 2019 at SSE Arena Wembley

Songs Performed: Candlelight, Dying for your Love, Better off Without Me, When we were Lovers, What More Can I Do?, Home, Greatest Mistake, Tie Me Down, Sweet Hurt, Knock Knock, Things I Thought I’d Never Do, Soldier’s Eyes, Youth and Love, Touchy Situation, Human, Back where I Belong, Singing to Strangers, Going Home
Support: Lissie music
Special Guests: WardThomas performed Human by The Killers with Jack and Saxophonist Leo Green (Back Where I Belong)

Friday 31st May 2019, became a day that I will never forget, as I had the chance to see the incredible Jack Savoretti perform live at the SSE Arena, Wembley, for the very first time. I bought my concert ticket in April and the seat I got turned out to be a brilliant viewpoint for the stage. On the night, I very quickly realised that I wasn’t sitting too far away from the Savoretti family!! (block N5!) I also had a very good view of the screens. The concert began at 7.45pm with support act Lissie music and I was pleasantly surprised by her talent; her not wearing any shoes on stage and her ability to hold the longest of notes! As a pianist myself, I took to Lissie’s music straight away and plan to listen to her album too. Thank you Lissie for a wonderful set and for setting the mood before Jack arrived on stage!

Jack and his band of brothers came on stage at 9pm and his introduction opened with the wonderful dramatic intro of Candlelight. To hear Jack’s gravelly, romantic vocals in real life was nothing short of a dream, and that is when I knew that I was in for a musical treat for the rest of the evening. Jack performed close to 17 plus songs, which included new ones from his latest album, oldies such as Soldier’s Eyes and Catapult and Back Where I Belong.

Jack’s band (Pedro Vito – electric guitar, Sam Davies – bass guitar, Jesper Lind – drums, Phillip Granell – violin, Shannon Harris – keyboard/piano) were absolutely phenomenal and they performed each song with their incredible music and flair – they were thorough, professional musicians on stage. Each performance was truly magical and the stories behind the songs that Jack shared with us, were truly special. Jack not only shared personal stories from his life and career so far, but also the special moments about his relationships with his band members. Phillip performed Soldier’s Eye and Catapult with Jack, while Shannon accompanied on the piano. Jack and his best friend Pedro jammed together on Sweet Hurt, while none of the songs were incomplete without Jesper’s amazing drumming and bassist Sam Davies, who shined on the bass in Youth and Love. I really did miss the presence of Nikolaj Torp at this concert and hope to see him live with Jack and band, next time round!

I enjoyed getting up on my feet and dancing during the tracks Home, Tie Me Down and Youth and Love! Of course, there was an encore and as this concert was Jack’s very first at Wembley arena, his fans made it truly special for him, by switching on the lights on their phones, as Jack performed the title song of his number one album Singing to Strangers. Leaving the venue at the end of this magical night, I could only over hear positive reactions from the audience who were left in total awe of Jack and who couldn’t stop beaming with happiness, after the lucky concert. It maybe a few days after the concert, but I also haven’t stopped thinking about it! Below are just a few of the fan reactions from the concert:

Joy Patterson: At last he is getting the recognition he deserves. Last night (Friday 31st May), I laughed cried sang and danced. Amazing and so polished.

Giulia Ferrari: I really liked the concert and when I saw all the crowd cheering for him, I felt very proud

Gloria Gardener: From intimate venues way back to culminate to Wembley was quite emotional. Just shows you where talent, hard work and persistence gets you. We are ecstatically happy for Jack. Very memorable evening for him and his fans. His performances never falter.

Tracy Tomlinson: I only found Jack’s amazing music a short while ago but have quickly become a big fan. Wembley last night was truly awesome. Jack’s words and music are fantastic and his voice is so special. Thank you Jack for last night. I cannot wait to see you again.

Carol West: I’ve been a fan of Jacks for about 3 years now and last night at Wembley was outstanding, best concert I have ever been to ever! He gives his all 110 per cent and is a phenomenal talent.

Jacqueline Taylor: My fifth gig of Jack’s each time gets better and better! I was a little bit apprehensive of Wembley, but he made such a great venue so intimate, and that’s not easy! Jack,his amazing music,the incredible band, the emotion, the passion and soul of the man still came through and that’s VERY SPECIAL! He is amazing and a credit to the world of music and lyrics it’s from the soul and he remains so humble!

Gareth Cuthbertson: 9th gig and I have watched him grow, ignored the haters and have always been drawn in by his songs which have always touched me emotionally. Although it’s been a long journey and I’ve seen the audiences grow, last night I stood in awe of what he has achieved and the thousands who turned up to give Jack what he has given to me, appreciation of his music and a sense of belonging to something so wonderful.

Marisa Deborah: The final show was phenomenal, no gimmicks, no screen media props but just a mega talented artist and his amazing band of brothers, gracing the stage at Wembley Arena, that is true raw talent. This tour certainly was the ‘road to Wembley. Congratulations Jack, band and crew for giving us fans the best evening of live music ever at Wembley Arena 😁❤️💙🎶💫 ‘ Thank you

Fran Foy: From small intimate gigs to the enormity of the Wembley Arena, he holds the audience in the palm of his hand and draws them in. Wonderful to experience. I will never tire of listening to him and his fabulous band of brothers. Also he’s the most lovely guy (met him lots of times) which is the icing on the cake. 😁

Kirsty Foster: So, my reaction to the Wembley show…. Well what can I say…
The Wembley show was SENSATIONAL!! ❤️❤️ I’ve been so lucky to have seen Jack so many times in concert…to watch the way he has grown in confidence as an artist has been truly incredible!

Lynda SC: The road to Wembley has been a wonderful adventure and to finally see Jack the Arena was magical. To see 12000 happy clappy people all there together to embrace Jack’s deserved success was amazing. Our plan to light up Wembley to Singing to Strangers was a wonderful moment and Jack’s face said it all. A memorable night that will live with me always.

A big thank you to everyone who took time out to send me these lovely, heartfelt comments. I have recorded few of Jack’s performances from the concert and I will be uploading these to my YouTube channel very soon. Enjoy these pictures for now. A huge thank you to Jack for not only giving us fans an incredible evening that we will never forget, but for achieving this huge milestone in his career. As a newer fan, thank you for letting me be a part of this achievement of yours! I know it won’t be too long before you will be performing at Wembley again, and I cannot wait to be at your next show in London! If Jack performs in your area, you definitely do not want to miss him!

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