Review: Dream with Me by Harry Styles for the Calm app

I recently subscribed to the Calm app for my meditation practice. Previously, I had been using the free Insight Timer app for basic meditation practice, but realised that I wanted something a bit more beneficial and consistent. After discovering the daily calm meditations from the Calm YouTube channel, (and liking all of them), I decided to give the app a go.

There are many mindfulness and meditation apps out there and it is almost like a minefield when trying to find the right app for you. I really enjoy the aesthetic, and fluidity of the Calm app, which is why it has become my go-to for meditation.

Dream with Me

As a music lover, I was very intrigued to hear the news that Harry Styles has read a sleep story Dream with Me for Calm.  If like me, you are new to the concept of a sleep story then let me give a quick definition for you: A sleep story is a grown-up version of a bedtime story, and has been designed for adults who have trouble falling asleep (a problem that is a lot bigger than you may think). Not only does Harry have a huge fan following but he has the most dreamy, bedtime voice that will have you drifting away almost instantly.

Harry Styles

This particular sleep story with Harry, is structured around his spoken, poetic voice, that has you dreaming of going on an (imaginary) journey with him, for a whole 40 minutes. Spoiler alert: you might just end up falling in love with him by the end of it! There is some extremely soothing music, akin to a lullaby, accompanying Harry throughout. I have enjoyed listening to the story more than once, and did not feel any boredom on both occasions. I simply let my imagination wander and begin to visualise the scenes he is talking about. This particular sleep story is also a type of visualisation meditation.

I subsequently discovered that there are other various sleep stories available on the app and I think it is such a unique idea. So if you are having difficulty sleeping, especially during this trying time, I highly recommend listening to this sleep story. I would love to know if it had the same impact on you, as it did on me. Kudos to the Calm team for this brilliant, innovative idea.

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