Single Review: Let It Heal You by Feralman

I have recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Feralman‘s music. He is an Indie artist and he creates music which is meaningful and emotional. I listened to his recent single called Let It Heal You and here is my review.


Let It Heal You is a haunting melody. The song talks about shredding your past life and starting a fresh without feeling any guilt in doing so. This is a necessary message especially in today’s times, where we can often feel like we are stuck in a rut, without any intention of making any progress with our lives or seeing ourselves in a different way post pandemic.

The melodic arrangement to Feralman’s soothing vocals is an uplifting acoustic guitar with a flute (just towards the end of the song) and it carries the song beautifully. The accompanying music video also reflects the song visually and gives further meaning to it’s lyrics.

If you enjoy listening to music that has meaning, then you will definitely enjoy Feralman’s music listen and Let It Heal You:

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