Single Review: Half Of You by Sarah Louise

Ti’s the season of love and I genuinely enjoy listening to all the new romantic song releases, during the month of February. UK Country Music singer Sarah Louise is releasing her romantic offering on 28th February, titled Half Of You and I have been fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of the song.

Cover art

Fresh from the release of her debut EP titled The Now, Half of You is a wonderful, breezy and easy to listen to romantic song. The song stands at 3.33 minutes and has a melodic piano intro, before we hear Sarah Louise’s captivating vocals. I enjoyed the themes of the song which talk about not faking a relationship while staying true to yourself and realising that you have found your person and they are half of you.

The track has a lovely arrangement which starts of quietly and then builds up around the chorus creating a lovely crescendo, before it’s quietens again at the end and we hear Sarah Louise’s vocals turn into almost a whisper. Sarah Louise has crystal clear vocals that carry the songs emotions with clarity.

If you enjoy listening to new romantic songs, I highly recommend that you check out Half of You from Sarah Louise which is out on 28th February.

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