Single Review: Shantell Ogden’s Breaking Something Wild

There are songs that transport you to different places, and then there are songs that paint a picture so vivid, that you feel you are in the middle of a story. That is the combination of Nashville-based country singer Shantell Ogden’s latest release, Breaking Something Wild.

Shantell Ogden

The track opens with Shantell’s melodious vocals, that almost immediately capture your attention. She sets the scene of the song as she sings the lyrics: “He’s out in that round pen when the sun comes up / Puts fire in his blood when that colt kicks up dust / He let’s it run awhile, breaking something wild.” As the song unfolds, so does a love story of a cowboy and “a cowgirl tornado with dust on her halo.” Essentially, a cowgirl who is wanting to break free from a controlling relationship.

From this particular track, you can tell that Shantell is no doubt, a seasoned country singer and has kept all country elements alive in the song, with the addition of a violin, that accompanies throughout the song, and adds a special touch to the overall melody. The song is just a little over 3 minutes, and I was a little disappointed when it ended! I can see the song having a stripped down, acoustic version too.

If you enjoy country music, you’ll be sure to enjoy this release from Shantell.

Listen to Breaking Something Wild here:


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